This premier program combines the best of business, finance, and government affairs to prime a new generation of international business leaders. Wallenberg International Fellows will be placed in Georgetown’s top courses with opportunities to explore case studies and simulations through highly interactive, technology-enhanced, team-based approaches to learning.
Some of the courses available to Wallenberg International Fellows:
GBUS 401: Big Data in Business, Economy, and Society
GBUS 405: International Business Diplomacy
GBUS 413: Global Business Strategies
GBUS 421: Energy Industry: Players, markets, & Project Finance
GBUS 430: Tech Innovations & International Trade
GBUS 444: ESG Investment
GBUS 447: Money & Banking in Emerging Markets
GBUS 448 Investments in Emerging Markets
GBUS 449: Hedge Funds, Private Equity, & Alternative Investments
GBUS 461: Political Economy of Cities: Latin America & Asia
GBUS 462: China-Latin America Relations
GBUS 464: Trade & Worker Rights
GBUS 493: Ethical Decisions: Global Business & Government
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